What are your lease terms for furniture leasing?

Our furniture is available for lease at a three month minimum. After the initial minimum rental period we can work with you on a month-to-month basis.

What are your requirements for leasing furniture?

For Individuals: We require a completed credit application, a picture ID and one of our signed lease agreements. We ask that you pay the first month's pro-rated rent and delivery fee up-front. For Businesses: We require banking, billing & contact information, as well as trade references. Also, we require your signature on our lease agreement.

What is your geographic service area?

We serve the Gulf Coast from Pensacola, FL to Gulfport, MS.

When it comes to Consignment Items, how does your price discounting program work?

Each item is tagged with a price and a beginning date. Once that item has been on the floor for 30 days, it is discounted 20%; for 60 days, it is discounted 40%; for 90 days, it is discounted 50%.

Do you have a layaway option?

Yes! Our layaway program requires 50% down, and the remainder in 30 days.

What are the terms of the consignment agreement if I wanted to consign some items?

Our consignment agreement is for 120 days. Based on our discounting prices, you will receive 50% of the sales price. If your item hasn't sold within the 120 day period, you have 5 business days to pick up your item. If it is not picked up, we have the option of continuing to try to sell the item, or disposing of it in whatever fashion we deem appropriate.

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